Some days ago Ministry of Finance published a memorandum of Ukraine with the IMF. In the document, the Ukrainian government pledged to introduce subscription payments for blue fuel and heating. A heating subscription fee is already in effect in Lviv, Vinnytsia and other cities, and from May 1, according to the memorandum, all Ukrainians will have to pay it.

The Segodnya website has found out how and when the subscription fee may be introduced in Ukraine.

For example, a family in Lviv that steadily spends 1 Gcal of heat a month during heating season, pays 1266.5 UAH (1213 UAH for heat and 53.4 UAH of monthly fee) from October to March and 26.97 UAH of monthly fee from March to October. At the same time in Vinnytsia the year-round fee is UAH 26.3.

However, as noted by experts, in most Ukrainian cities there is one tariff for heat without monthly fees. This tariff already includes expenses on maintenance of infrastructure and it is necessary to pay only in a heating season.

In a memorandum with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Ukrainian government pledged to introduce a monthly fee for heating for all. "We will apply the tariff for gas and heating distribution on the basis of capacity, this will allow transferring some of the cost to the summer months - all changes will come into force from the first of May 2017," the document said.