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AUD - dollar exchange rate change chart


Australian dollar - $ AUD

The currency $ AUD is used in the Commonwealth (Australia) and in some other countries. This currency, in addition to its main name, has several others - "Ozzie" as it is called by the Australians themselves, "Pacific pesso" - a term common in countries that use Australian currency.

AUD is the sixth most traded currency in the world after the U.S. dollar, Japanese yen, euro, pound and Canadian dollar.

Australian dollar AUD exchange rate

The Australian dollar exchange rate has long been in direct correlation with other world currencies. At first it was the British pound and then the US dollar. But already in 1983 the Australian currency became an independent unit and was defined as a floating currency.

Today, several types of bills are in common use: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. Banknotes are not made of paper, as is customary in many countries, but of a special thin plastic.

The banknotes are made of a special thin plastic.

The value of the Australian dollar

The value of the Australian dollar is affected by several factors:

  1. GDP growth;
  2. Retail trade volume;
  3. Status of industrial production;
  4. Trade balance;
  5. The rate of inflation in the country.

As Australia lives off metal and grain sales, crop data, weather forecasts, metal prices and mining indicators also influence how the Australian dollar will fare.

The government has no influence on the AUD exchange rate, which makes the currency attractive to buyers from around the world.

Exchange and buy Australian dollar (AUD/UAH) you can in official exchangers, in banks of Ukraine.