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USD - dollar rate change chart


American currency is the U.S. dollar


Dollars are a monetary unit common in the United States and some other countries, and are on the list of the world's reserve currencies.

The U.S. dollar currency is freely convertible and is included in the CLS register. Today, there are about one trillion dollars in circulation around the world, 70% of which "walks" outside the country.

The U.S. dollar is freely convertible.

Dollar exchange rate

The USD exchange rate is set by the forex exchange. The dynamics of the dollar is very high. This currency is the main one for exchange trading and in most cases it is used to exchange rates of other currencies. The most popular pairs in Ukraine are the Hryvnia dollar (USD/UAH), the Euro dollar (USD/EUR), the Ruble dollar (USD/RUB).

The cost of the dollar


The value of the dollar is directly dependent on political and economic factors in the U.S. development. In particular, it depends on surges in the price of energy and precious metals.

Lately, the value of the dollar has become more visible in the U.S. economy.

In recent times the trend of depreciation of this monetary unit has become noticeable. The reason is the deterioration of the economic situation in America, as well as erosion of confidence in the currency.

Buy, sell and exchange dollar


Buy, sell and exchange the dollar in all countries of the world. You can buy currency in official exchangers, black markets and banks. It is also possible to buy dollar online.

The price of dollar is everywhere in the world.

The price of the dollar is the same everywhere plus or minus the same, so if you plan a trip abroad, you can not worry too much about the fact that you do not have much money in stock. If necessary, money can be exchanged at the airport, at the post office.