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CZK - krone exchange rate chart


Czech currency - krone

The Czech krone is a monetary unit, which came into circulation on the territory of the Czech Republic, after the disintegration of Czechoslovakia.

The Czech krone began to be convertible in 1995, and already four years later it became a freely fluctuating currency. Over time, the Czech government plans to switch to the euro. Earlier such attempts were made, but the transition process was halted in 2007.

In everyday use today the following banknotes are used: denominations: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000. The banknotes have images of famous personalities of the state.

The exchange rate and price of the Czech crown

The exchange rate and price of the Czech krone depends on several factors:

  1. External debts of the state.
  2. Czech Republic's entry into the European Union.
  3. Foreign capital.

The Czech Republic is a state popular with tourists, foreign investors and immigrants. Every year as many tourists come to the country as people live in the Czech Republic itself. Tourists naturally bring foreign currency with them, which has a positive effect on the value of the krone.

Buying and selling the krone

Purchase of krone for hryvnia (CZK/UAH) does not differ much in Ukraine and Czech Republic. You can exchange currency at official exchange offices or banks. If you could not transfer money before departure, you can buy a krone on arrival at the airport, post offices, banks.