"How much can I exchange from you?"

- The site operates at wholesale prices, so you can exchange from $300.


If you need to exchange a smaller amount, you can do it by going to:

Kharkiv, 4/6 Evgeniya Kotlyar St. (former Krasnoarmeiskaya)

from 8:00 to 20:00, Monday through Friday.


"Can I buy currency from you cheaper or sell it more expensive than the price on the shield..."


- Yes, depending on the amount of exchange, we can make a discount, which is negotiated individually.


"Can I order currency in a certain denomination from you?"

Yes, it is possible. You can call Us:

Or you can order currency of a certain denomination of banknotes, specifying it in the note of the order, approximately 1 hour before its receipt.


"Is it possible to make an exchange at your place, for a new type of currency, for example, the dollar in blue..."


- Yes, it is possible. You can call Us:

Or you can order the new currency online, indicating this in the order note, approximately 1 hour, before receiving it.


"Is it possible to exchange currency in another part of the city at your place?"

- Yes, it is possible. By ordering currency from Us, We can tell you the nearest branch of the exchange office, where you can pick it up.


"How long before the ordered currency can be picked up..."

- Ordered currency can be picked up at the exchange office at: 4/6 Eugene Kotlyar Str. (former Krasnoarmeiska Str.), 8:00 to 20:00, no holidays

Exchange is carried out at the following address in Kharkov.

Exchange is carried out according to the rate ordered on the site


The reservation of the exchange rate can be fixed within 30-40 minutes.


"Can I look at the currency exchange rate on the website and buy currency..."


- Yes, it is possible, but at the rate set by the exchange office at the time of exchange.

Currency may change during the day. Or you can order it through the site, fixing the amount of exchange for 30-40 minutes and exchange it at the rate set by the exchange office at the time of viewing the site.

Yes it is possible.


"Can you change old, damaged or torn banknotes?"

- Yes, possibly. We accept old bills, but at a lower rate than that shown on our website. You can get a more detailed consultation by phone