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TRY - Lira exchange rate chart


Turkish currency TRY - Lira £

The TRY currency is the national unit of Turkey, which replaced the Ottoman lira. In the second half of the 20th century, the Turkish currency plummeted so that everyone in the country was considered a millionaire. However, in 2005 the government carried out a series of anti-inflationary measures, which eventually led to the stabilization of the exchange rate: 1 new lira was equal to the old million.

The Turkish lira is the same as the old one.

The Turkish lira TRY is spread not only in the expanses of Turkey, but also in northern Iraq, in the Turkish part of Cyprus. The new banknotes have portraits of well-known statesmen instead of architectural buildings and geographically significant objects.

The banknotes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 liras are used.

All banknotes have the emblem of the Turkish currency - a crossed out English letter "T" - £. It symbolizes the Latin designation of lira and the name of the country - Turkey.

The value and exchange rate of the Turkish lira

The value and exchange rate of the Turkish lira is constantly changing, so if you are planning a trip to Turkey, it is better to take dollars or euros with you. It is necessary to have a small stock of Turkish bills to pay for travel on public transport and shopping at the market. Upon arrival it is not profitable to exchange money, the price of Turkish lira in Turkey is much higher than in Ukraine.

Today the TRY/UAH exchange rate is in floating mode. The effectiveness of the currency (inflation rate) is assessed by its exchange rate policy.

TrY/UAH rate is floating.

Exchange and buy Turkish Liras £

Exchange TRY/UAH and buy Turkish Lira in Ukraine you can in any official exchanger or bank.