According to the information as of 12:20 posted in the Service МІНЯЙЛО APPLICATIONS it is clear that the total volume of orders "Buy USD" is less than "Sell" (27.8 million and 35.5 million UAH respectively).

The number of current offers "Buy" is less than "Sell" (46 and 70). The maximum USD selling rate is 27,00 UAH/USD. The most often there are proposals to sell at the rate 26,77-26,80 UAH/USD.

You can follow the parity rate at Minyaylo Twitter page.

At the moment there are 116 active bids in the Service for the dollar in the amount of more than 63.3 million UAH, which are distributed as follows:

*Operating market charts are always available on е МІНЯЙЛО  page.

Attention SELLERS - The top 7 "Buy" bids: 26.7700 - 3,00026.7600 - 20,00026.7600 - 20,00026.7600 - 20,000

The weighted average "Sell" dollar rate is UAH 26.7888 (Previous UAH 26.7953)
The weighted average "Buy" dollar rate is UAH 26.7246 (Previous UAH 26.7327)