keep_the_hand_on_the_pulse_of_the_currency Many factors influence the changes in the currency rate, including foreign and domestic policy of the state, inflow and outflow of money from the territory of Ukraine, foreign loans, GDP, economic state of the country and many other factors. Exchange rates are constantly changing, so it is important to always keep track of the dynamics and be informed. Please read further how to do this.

foreign exchange rates.

What affects the exchange rate?

According to the data of the NBU, in the first half of the year 2020, about 5 billion dollars were transferred by robots. Experts' estimates confirm that in January - June 2020 the volume of private transfers through formal and informal channels from abroad to Ukraine amounted to 5365 million dollars, and from Ukraine abroad - 246 million dollars. The most popular remittance corridors:

  • to Ukraine money came from countries such as Italy, the U.S., Israel, Germany and Russia.
  • from Ukraine, funds were sent to countries such as Georgia, Turkey, Russia, Poland, and Azerbaijan.


Also the outflow of foreign currency from Ukraine and, consequently, the growth of the U.S. dollar exchange rate against the hryvnia can contribute to the situation on the domestic debt securities market. Supply of currency at the Ukrainian interbank market is higher than demand, also owing to the investments of non-residents into hryvnia-denominated state debt securities. However, a significant portion of the securities will be redeemed in due course. Therefore there is good reason to believe that non-residents of Ukraine, i.e. foreign business structures, will withdraw at least part of their funds from Ukraine, having previously converted them into foreign currency, primarily the US dollar. As a consequence, such actions will push the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine up.

Significant slowdown of the economy, decrease of savings of the population, Ukrainian loans, these and many other problems also contribute to the fluctuations of the exchange rate.

How not to miscalculate the exchange rate?

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The main principle is to keep calm and minimize all risks. In Ukraine the periodic growth and strengthening of the dollar continues from year to year. It is important to keep your hand on the pulse and study useful information before making a currency exchange.

The main principle is to stay calm.

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