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In the territory of modern Ukraine for thousands of years lived numerous tribes and peoples who left behind unique works of art. The priceless cultural monuments of ancient times tell how people learned to work with natural materials and gave them power with the help of symbols - images of birds, animals, people, ornaments and so on.

On the obverse of the coin there are: at the top - the Small National Emblem of Ukraine, the inscription "Ukraine", the year of minting of the coin - 2017 and the denomination 5/GRIVEN; the gilded lion - a fragment from the XIII century plate (the Chersonesos Museum), on the right - the general view of the plate. Finishing element: local gilding, purity gold content not less than 0.0007 g.

The reverse of the coin depicts the head of a lion (left) and a fragment of a unique slate relief from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra depicting lions (11th century) - ancient motifs are often found in the decorative art of the princely epoch: griffins, centaurs, lions, dragons and the like. On the right side of the background of the figure is a vertical inscription "LION".

Retail price, UAH: 570.