The Ukrainian hryvnia strengthened by 0.5%. At the same time the strongest devaluation occurred in Uzbek Sum and Tajik Somoni - by 9.5% and 4.5% respectively. This is indicated by the research of analytical department of ForexClub Group.

"In the second quarter currencies of the CIS countries may come under pressure if the Fed USA keeps its intentions to hold the next rounds of tightening of the monetary policy. After the failure of the U.S. health care reform vote, Donald Trump's lack of support in Congress became apparent. As the probability of launching the promised fiscal stimulus soon decreased, the regulator does not need to raise the rate further at a high rate," - forecasts leading expert of GC ForexClub Andrey Shevchishin.

At the same time the negative factor, according to the expert, may be the drop in commodity prices, which by virtue of the commodity orientation of the countries may significantly limit their exports.

Hryvnia may be under pressure from trade balance as well as lower export earnings due to nationalization of Ukrainian companies in non-controlled territories and drop of prices at commodity markets.